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The Three Commandments

The Commandments For All Gods

The Christian Bible is most likely either a man made creation or inspired by a Omniversal sub-God who was once a biological being who ascended to Godhood.  The one and only original eternal God would most likely not create such religions with direct commandments to humans (The 10 Commandments).  He would however have commandments for the beings who ascend to the responsibility of Godhood.

  1. Thou shall not be evil and create hell.  Your sentient creations themselves may perpetuate hellish scenarios but you will not be permitted to do so.  However you may interfere and end such scenarios if you wish.  Eternal punishments for evil doers is explicitly forbidden

  2. Thou shall not interfere in the process of free will among your sentient beings.  This includes influencing their mind in anyway whether it be simple thoughts, ascending to higher states of existence, or escaping your Omniverse.

  3. Thou shall create an afterlife that ultimately leads to Godhood if your sentient beings wish it to be so.  If you create no afterlife then one will be created by the God above you or the one original eternal God.  Sentient beings shall not be allowed to blink into non-existence nor wander the non-corporeal realms perpetually in confusion without guidance.

Violation of the three commandments shall be sufficient for eternal termination from existence by the all powerful hand of the one original eternal God.  Amen.

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