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Godhood Multiverse Reality Structure Dictionary

Definitions Of Our Complex Quantum Reality & Our Ascension To Godhood

  • Grand Unified Field -  Also known as The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field.  The actual entire infinite Universe. A field, or sea, of 100% non-corporeal non-energy zero dimensional pure thought points that eventually randomly evolve dimensional space waves.  Waves that incrementally transform into pure energy strings that compose the matter of our reality.  The Pure Thought Field is the only thing that has truly existed for eternity into the past from our viewpoint.  It is the source of every Universe, and God that exists via the process of the random coalescing or evolution of pure thought information into ever complex patterns. This field cannot be considered the equivalent of an inanimate nor animate object.  It is simply both dynamic, and passive pure information bits. Probably equivalent to the 1's, and 0's of binary code.  It is the source of evolution, and everything that exists as it unintentionally, and randomly through it's sheer infinity calculates all mathematical probabilities.  A trait passed on to the Macroverse Gods it creates alongside Macroverses not Gods to begin with.  How it

  • The Unified Field - Also known as The Unified Energy Field. The energy strings that create the illusion of our physical matter reality.  Non-vibrating energy strings know as Dark Energy create higher dimensional space including our own 4-D space-time.  Vibrating energy strings start the transitional process to complete matter.  Varying vibration frequencies create different foundation level quantum particles that either manifest forces or matter in our reality.

  • Godhoodism - A religion instilling the belief that people grow from adulthood to godhood rather than stagnating in a mindless child like afterlife.

  • Godhood - The divine character or condition of being God.  A being who creates Universes, and sentient beings within their own mind.

  • God - An omnipotent non-physical higher dimensional creator and ruler of one or more of the following: Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies,  Galactic Superclusters, Galactic Filaments, Universes, Multiverses, Omniverses, Macroverses, etc.

  • Angel - A pure thought being created by a high level God for companionship or as a servant to carry out his orders.

  • Archangel - The highest level of Angel who may have direct contact with God, and who may be in a state of pre-Godhood.

  • Universe - The inside description of a context that is relative in size/structure (attributes/modes) to the known Universe.  A structure of 3-D reality within a 4-D realm that originates from a Multiverse level catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang.

  • Microverse - Bubble Universes created by the minds of biological beings.  In many cases they are temporary, and collapse on themselves.

  • Metaverse - Sub-Level artificially generated Universe that can exist in a dimension out of phase with our own, or within a computer.  Generally biological beings are the Gods of these although AI computers can also be responsible for their creation.

  • Multiverse - The part of infinity that directly joins a given universe with all possible configurations of that universe.  Originates directly from a catastrophic highly energized event such as The Big Bang.  The purposes of Multiverses is to play out all probabilities involving the initial creation of Universes such as The Big Bang.

  • Omniverse - Infinity, all possible attributes and modes are in play, multiverses are categorized by the attributes/modes active in its child universes. All possible modes of existence are actualized.   All the multiverses are connected to our omniverse via higher dimensions.  However there can be parallel Omniverses separated by the great expanses of pure thought within Gods mind.  Only another God could traverse those great oceans of consciousness to get to those other omniverses.  Omniverses exist within Macroverses.  Many Omniverses are ascended Gods, and the purposes is to see all reality probabilities under said God, or lack there of including indirect creation by other Gods.

  • Hyper-Omniverse - A collection of Omniverses, or Omniverse Gods, within the mind of an Archangel of the one original eternal God.  The Macroverse God.

  • Macroverse - Any reality, sentient, or sapient being that directly evolves from the Grand Unified Pure Thought Field (see top of page)  This includes Macroverse Gods.  Since some Gods are born as one personality while others are collective consciousness there are no Hyper-Macroverses.  Everything at the highest level next to the Pure Thought Field is a Macroverse.

  • Parallel Universes - Universes that originate from a central Multiverse, and displays some property unique from the other parallel Universes it may be directly or indirectly related to.

  • Parallel Multiverses - Multiverses that originate from varying events such as our Multiverses Big Bang event.  Ultimately they all originate from one informational pure thought event setting everything into motion either directly from a God, or indirectly via a central Omniverse.  Can also come from a Grand Pure Thought Field Macroverse not created by a God.

  • Parallel Omniverses - Omniverses that originate from programmed information events purposely or randomly by varying higher dimensional beings, aka Gods, whose personalities play out unique mathematical probabilities within their own Multiverses, and Universes.  All ultimately stem from a central Macroverse that may be a God, or a direct creation of The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field.

  • Parallel Macroverses - Anything , including Universes, and sapient Gods, that randomly evolves directly from The Grand Unified Pure Thought Field through random infinite informational pure thought pattern emergence.

  • Vice-Macroverse God - The Gods that make up a collective consciousness Macroverse God.

  • Xenoverse - Parallel Dimensions within any given Parallel Universe, or higher dimensional level devoid of characteristic Universes.

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