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The purpose of existence ultimately lies in the mind of the one original eternal God who wishes to seek the elusive state of perfection by running through every potential thought possible.  In essence to create the ultimate mathematical perfection, and create a perfect knowledge database of everything.  Since these scenarios are infinite due to the constant creation of new sentiments beings who become Gods, it's impossible for this to ever become a reality.  This is a good thing because if it was ever attained then the Universe would stagnate, and existence would be futile.

Our role in the grand purpose is to attain Godhood ourselves, and run through every probability possible within our Universe.  Naturally a life of perfected happiness can be achieved with the power of our own Godhood.

The Evolution Of Sentient Beings Doesn't End With Death

Original God Who Always Existed For Eternity Creates The First Sentient Beings By Imbuing The Imaginary Beings In His Mind With His Own Self-Aware Thought Matrix Design.  These Beings May Be What We Call Angels.  At Some Point He Then Starts The Universal Cycle Running By Hard Concentrated Direction Of Colliding His Pure Thought Into His Pure Emotion Sparking The First Big Bang Of Pure Energy.  The Matter Of The First Universe Is Born.  The First Parallel Universes Are Born As He Creates Variations On The Design Of Matter And The Cosmos.  This Is All Done Simultaneously Since His Infinite Mind Can Do Infinite Things At Once.  Not To Mention The Fact That He Exists Outside Time.  The Real Purpose Of All This Is To Create A Realistic Environment For The Creation Of Sentient Beings Confined To Physical Format Until Their Free Will Allows Them To Escape.

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Original God creates a dormant sentient angel type shell know as a soul or spirit.  He then finalizes life and physical sentient beings in the first Universes and others as well hiding his handy work within evolution and other cleaver disguises to enhance the realism of these beings existence.  All sentient beings are linked to a soul and as their thoughts, the thoughts of others, and Gods thoughts cause the continues five dimensional branching off of new parallel Universes along the four dimensional flow of time all sentient beings form parallel selves that are all linked to their one soul.  They eventually develop infinite lives whose memories are deposited with the dormant soul.

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Sentient Being Born As A Physical Being.  Such As A Human.  Raised and trained for life by parents.

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Sentient Beings attain adulthood and have children of their own.  Sentient Beings grow old and die (See Number 1 below) This cycle continues onwards until number 2 below.  This includes humans who attain immortality, and live until society as a whole attains Godhood.

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Ascension to a higher plane or awakening within your soul free of mortal bonds occurs under three circumstances.

  1. A sentient being dies in all parallel Universes they exist in.  They then awaken in their soul reborn with the infinite unified memories of all their infinite lives.

  2. A society as a whole evolves naturally and technologically to ascend to a plane of reality consisting of pure thought.  They then are naturally drawn to and join with their souls at that point and are reborn.  This is the culmination of millions of years worth of evolution and technological development.  A most rewarding achievement for any sentient race of beings.

  3. An individual through a variety of circumstances breaks free of their mortal bonds and gains 100% command of their free will.  They may choose to explore all of eternity and a totally linear and independent individual who breaks free of his soul.   He may also ascend to a higher plane and join with it.  He can choose to do so at any time.  This is the most rewarding achievement for an individual.  To be a self made immortal whose awesome eternal power is driven by their own pure thought will.  A will so powerful it's able to break free of it's very soul.  This is a rare occurrence in any reality.  So rare and so independently powerful that it doesn't create a five dimensional cascade or parallel counterpart.  From this point on number 3 is a wild card that doesn't fit into the rest of the plan unless they so choose.

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The sentient beings of numbers 1 & 2 above exist in a realm most likely known as heaven where they can exist in real fantasy worlds of their own creation or those of others.  Although these are brief as they can also travel and explore all of time, space, and parallel Universe everywhere.  They can communicate with each other, the angels, and God.  They are raised by God and his angels to be Gods themselves.  If they are not the first then other new Gods who were once physical sentient beings may raise them as well.  Since all have free will they can choose to not be Gods as some would rather not have the burden and responsibility of billions to infinite sentient beings on their hands just as some in this world would rather not have the burden of children.

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The sentient souls grow up to reach Godhood and look inwards to begin the creation process.  They create their own Universes and sentient beings within their minds.  This cycle continues for all eternity.  As Gods they can still travel and explore everywhere in any Universe outside their creations.  They can always revisit their physical roots in the safety of their Godhood.

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